How to really rock your social media stuff

Hey Guys, I decided to share with you a little bit on my recent findings on facebook. I found out that there are ways to be more visible on facebook and social media in general. I do this research since I want my blog to be more famous. I mean all of my good friends are reading this blog but I want to reach other people as well.

Yes I know I am not the huff post but it’s still fun for me to share my small finding on the web and get you guys more involved in my life. I kinda feel this is one of the things that will be left when I will no longer live (Not that I am planning to die anytime soon)

Anyway I found this cool video that shows the stuff you can do if you master your social media skills:

It’s taken from the fiverr blog

It turns out that I have been doing the wrong things all along. I mean I though writing a status every day with a quote or something like that would really work. but no one was interested in my stuff. so now after seeing this I decided to buy a video camera and start uploading videos to facebook.

I realized that this would be a good choice for me since I really want to start blogging in a larger scale. I don’t know yet if I am going for the funny or serious stuff. as you know I like to make jokes and laugh more than I write heavy things. That’s what’s the newspaper is for isn’t it?


I will start recording some funny stuff and upload it to my facebook page. when it’s ready I will post it here as well. in the meantime I hope that you guys are not bored with my stuff. and sorry if I am being a rookie here I mean I am not internet geek.

So yes for me all of this is really new and exciting here. if you have any other things to suggest I would be very happy to hear from you. you can also tell me what you would like to see best in my videos. I am not sure yet what I’m going for. so guys , this is a lovely weekend and I am done blabbering here. see you soon enough…

The dark (scary side of the internet)

All of us are spending most of our lives connected to the internet. it’s in all of our appliances, phones and soon with the rise of the internet of things. everything we know will be connected to the internet. for the ones of you who don’t know what the internet of things is, you can watch this short video here to get better knowledge of what I’m talking about here.

The internet of things basically uses data from our homes and anything else that can be plugged to the internet (which slowly connects us more and more to its grasp. fridges, TV’s heating and cooling systems, lights, communication etc.) so in the bottom line everything will be connected.

In the same way hackers used to hack websites they will hack your house systems and even your car. there will be assassinations by diverting people’s cars from the road into an accident and a lot of spooky stuff. Many of you may not know if but today already there are vast criminal networks that makes use of the internet for scary things.

There are even hitmen that get paid with bitcoin and bounty hunt a target you give them and an entire organ black market trade. let alone drugs and other criminal things. You can read more about it here

This is really scary. I am not sure we are going in a good direction here. after all the more control the web will have over our lives the easier it will be to track us around. I assume that the DNA pool is also already increasing as probably new babies are entered to a DNA database without asking them.

I have no idea what lies in our nearest future and what we will still be able to see during our lifetime but it’s already scary enough as it is…

Just matter for thought here.

Oktoberfest 2015 here I come

What’s better then getting drunk and get served liters of cold German beer by beautiful traditionally Bavarian dressed blondes!

I have bough my ticket today and everything is packed (Including my special viking cup)


I am going to have a hell lot of fun. My girlfriend doesn’t understand why would I like to fly all the way to Germany just to have some beers but for me this is a great honor that I can take part in this tradition. I always wanted to go but couldn’t afford it. the damn flight ticket and hotels are expensive indeed. but since you only live once and beer is the real deal (you all know it!) I am going to Oktoberfest.


picture credits go to 

Germany get ready and ready your kegs because Mark AKA WolfsGain is coming to empty it!

Hell yea!


I dare ya to join me!

Did Thatcher Use Soldiers During the Miners’ Strike?

Harry Paterson

pic_orgreave2Photo by John Sturrock, Socialist Worker

I was recently involved in a Twitter thread concerning the use of troops during the miners’ strike. It has long been rumoured that Thatcher sanctioned the use of the army and that squaddies were dressed in police uniforms and let loose on picket lines, to aid in crushing the strikers.

I think the first thing we ought to ask, when considering the question, is why such a tactic might have been favoured by the Tories and in asking the question we are immediately presented with some difficulty in providing a reasonable and plausible answer.

Firstly, we need to understand the role of the police during the dispute. As I wrote in my book on the strike…

The Metropolitan Police Force was hated with a passion throughout the County, earning a reputation for thuggery and violence that outstripped that of any other Force, against frequently…

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Super View of Glendale and Phoenix

Sgt. Hack's WordPress Blog

One of the Expedition 35 crew members on the International Space Station used a still camera with a 400 millimeter lens to record this nocturnal image of the Phoenix, Arizona area on March 16, 2013. Like many large urban areas of the central and western United States, the Phoenix metropolitan area is laid out along a regular grid of city blocks and streets. While visible during the day, this grid is most evident at night, when the pattern of street lighting is clearly visible from above — in the case of this photograph, from the low Earth orbit vantage point of the International Space Station. The urban grid form encourages growth of a city outwards along its borders, by providing optimal access to new real estate. Fueled by the adoption of widespread personal automobile use during the 20th century, the Phoenix metropolitan area today includes 25 other municipalities (many of…

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